CM head

Services offered

Copy-editing commissions for books, magazines, and websites. Edited text can be provided in the form of word-processed documents, marked-up hard copy, or directly into page using layout programs such as Indesign and Quark. I can work in a full range of Apple Macintosh software.

A full project management service for books. This would typically include liaison with authors, designers, and clients, and would see the project progress from the planning stage to completed product. Adherence to demanding schedules and troubleshooting the inevitable problems associated with any project are an integral part of the service. I have particular experience in managing complex multi-author projects on tight schedules.

Proofreading and indexing. Using the services of specialists, I can provide clients with a complete editorial service.

Writing and rewriting services on a range of subjects in collaboration with expert authors, who may be too busy to write or have difficulty in communicating their knowledge via the written word.

Design and layout. I often work in partnership with Schermuly Design Co. to offer a high-quality editorial and design outsourcing package.